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Sandwich and Wrap Platters

Prices Include Plattering

  • Traditional/Regular Sandwiches $5.50ea.

    (Ham, cheese & tomato / Egg & lettuce / Chicken, lettuce & mayo ect)

  • Mixed Sandwiches $7.50ea.

    (In between a traditional/regular & a gourmet sandwich)

  • Gourmet Sandwiches and Wraps $8.50 per sandwich / $9.00 per wrap.

    Includes combinations of Leg Ham /Chicken Schnitzel /Roast Chicken/Spinach & ricotta patty/Mixed salads /Cheeses.
    (Similar fillings to our gourmet café menu)

Mini Savouries

Minimum Of 20, No Mixes

N.B: All savoury items can be heated upon request. An additional charge will be applicable depending on the amount ordered and the time of order
  • Mini Sausage Rolls & Party Pies $2.00ea.
  • Tomato Tartlets $2.20ea.

    (Tomatoes roasted in balsamic vinegar & cracked pepper, baked in a puff pastry tartlet w/ camembert cheese)

  • Mini Quiche $2.00ea.

    (Vegetarian or Bacon & Shallots)

  • Mini Pizzas $2.00ea.


  • Mini Zucchini Slice Squares $32.00 per 20 / $2.00ea.

Mini Sweets

  • Gourmet Mini Sweets (Minimum of 20 mixed or any combinations accepted) $60.00 / $3.00ea.

    (Fruit Flans, Cheesecakes, Banoffie Pies, Strawberry or Blueberry Custard Cream Tarts or Choc/Caramel/Key Lime Tarts)

  • Medium Muffins $2.50ea.

    (Medium fruit muffins, shop cupcake size)

  • Miniature Iced Cupcakes /Fruit Muffins $18.00 per dozen / $1.50 per additional cupcake

    (Vegetarian or Bacon & Shallots)

  • Cookies (flavours as in shop) $2.50ea.
  • Scone Platters $30.00 per 20 pieces / $1.50 per additional half

    (4cm diameter, halved with jam & cream)


  • Mini Choc Fudge Brownie square $18.00 per dozen / $1.50 per additional serve
  • Mini Orange & Almond Square (Additional $3.50 for cutting and plattering.)

    Alternatively, we are able to cut and platter any of our shop cakes or individual slices for a cheaper option.

  • Fruit Platters (One size only 28cm x 35cm) $65.00ea.

    We require one full working days notice on all fruit platters.

Delivery available subject to times, quantity’s & destination. Enquire when ordering as additional charges may apply.

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