Cake Menu

A menu of our Cakes… Not all of our cakes are available in store daily, we recommend placing an order to ensure availability. If you require a larger size in any of the below, or have a flavour enquiry, please ask our friendly staff for more details.


Mud Cakes

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Friendly

Gluten Friendly Flavours available - 72 Hours minimum notice Required for custom flavours

Our Vegan Friendly Cakes are iced in our delicious Vegan Friendly Fudge. Our Gluten Friendly selection, are iced in either our delicious Gluten Friendly Fudge, Our Gluten Friendly Whipped White Chocolate frosting, Caramelised White Chocolate frosting or Chocolate Frosting, our Cream Cheese Frosting and/or our Decadent Chocolate Ganaches in flavours to compliment your cake of choice.


  • Marsbar Cheesecake

    Butter Biscuit Base with chunks of mars bar and milk choc ganache, topped with milk chocolate ganache, caramel and Mars Bar pieces.

  • Tim Tam Cheesecake

    Butter Biscuit Base with crushed Tim Tams, topped with milk choc ganache, Tim Tam crumb & Tim Tam biscuits.

  • Malteaser Cheesecake

    Butter Biscuit Base with Maltesers & milk chocolate ganache, topped with milk chocolate ganache, Maltesers and a chocolate drizzle.


All of our butter cakes come standard with either a drizzle, a top layer of fondant icing or cream cheese frosting.

Sponge Cakes


Tarts & Dessert Pies


All of our cupcakes can be made in any of our mud or butter cake flavours in either a mini, standard or large size.

Minimum order – 1/2 dozen or 1 dozen size.

Vegan and Gluten free options are also available.

(Vegan & GF, minimum of 6 standard or 12 mini per order)